Rhodia Drive: Paper Project Week 21 – No. 19 Rhodia Pad, 80g, White & Yellow, Lined

Rhodia Paper Project Week 21 Close upI’m super thrilled to be able to take part in the Rhodia paper project again.  If you missed it, I had the opportunity to sample the Week 19’s papers which you can read about if you click here.  Go on, I’ll wait. Back?  Well this time, we have different samples entirely.  For Week 21, the samples are two A4 sheets of paper from the No. 19 Rhodia Pad – one in white and the other in yellow.  I actually don’t use A4 pads very much anymore and the largest I seem to go is A5, for the most part so it’s great to be able to sample these bigger sheets and get back into it.  Both sheets are lined, 80gsm sheets of paper.  And quite honestly?  I am quickly falling in love with the quality Rhodia bring every time. Read More »

* Calepino Notebooks: No.4 Papier Dot Grid

I am quickly falling in love with Pocket Notebooks and the convenience of having one of them on me at all times. This is a market that is dominated by the names of Word Notebooks and Field Notes but the Calepino Notebook* is not one to dismiss.Calepino Box - Set of 3 Notebooks

I’ll be honest with you, before seeing these I had never heard of Calepino before and was curious to see if they could compete in this market. Tony over at Studio Alt introduced them to me and as I was contemplating purchasing a pack, I got a message saying that there’s “a little something on its way” to me. And this was the Calepino Notebooks, No. 4 Papier Dot Grid. It was such a pleasant surprise so thank you, Studio Alt! These little badboys have been made in France – and they are definitely teaching me that I need to look out for stationery stores when holidaying across Europe because it would be so worth it!

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How I Plan: Current planning tools & systems (& Discount Code!)

Promo 1

I constantly tell people that I’m a Planner Addict and live by my planner. It doesn’t make me any less spontaneous as I am constantly jiggling things around to fit any last minute plans or will happily go do something out of the ordinary if I have no other pressing plans. But it does help me to see what is important to do and to remind me of the things I need to do but have simply forgotten about. (Surprisingly, the latter happens a lot). The problem is that people tell me about an event or deadline weeks – if not even months – in advance so I always end up forgetting the exact details by the time it comes around unless it’s in my schedule. Being a “Planner Addict” also does not mean I own millions of Filofax planners – in fact, I currently own 0 (perhaps something to change one day). So I wanted to introduce the different planning tools that I currently use and the system I enjoy. Mostly, it’s things that I’ve acquired on a small budget as I got most of them whilst I was a student / before I had a full-time job so it’s great for a cheap alternative to some of the other planning tools available.

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Chroma Stationery Notebooks


During National Stationery Week, there was a Notebook Day and in honour of that day, I just couldn’t resist ordering two notebooks from Chroma Stationery. I’ve been using those for a little while now and so, thought I would share my opinion of them along with some pictures. If you have not heard of Chroma Stationery before, it’s a website where you can purchase fully customised notebooks. Everything from the cover of the notebook to the paper inside – all included in the price so you know what you’re paying from the onset.Read More »

National Stationery Week 2015

addict badge artworkStationery has always been something that’s close to my heart. And I know that the world is full of Stationery Addicts (as well as a good number of people who simply just don’t get this addiction we have). However, what I did not know was that there is a week every year that is dedicated to celebrating all things stationery until I discovered it this year. I wanted to dedicated this post to that week that has inspired me to blog once again.Read More »

Welcome to aumsome

Aumsome Blog

Hi there and welcome to my blog, aumsome!

After much deliberation, and a kick of inspiration, I have decided to give blogging a shot – because it is something that has been on my bucket list for a very very long time. The focus of my blog has been in front of me all of my life – but I never thought of blogging about it before now. And that is Stationery. Stationery is something I’ve adored since I was a little kid. I remember telling my mum I wanted to grow up and own a Stationery Store – like one of my uncles. She thought it was cute but she missed the obsession I have with stationery. As I grew up, I have grown my stationery collection even more – especially since I’ve started working. My mum now thinks I could own a stationery store from my bedroom, given how much stock I have in there! I haven’t grown up and become a stationery store owner – in fact, I haven’t become any of the things that I told my mum I wanted to be when I grew up. But with my stationery obsession, my need for organisation and planners and my desire to get crafty & creative, I have found this path of blogging.

I am super excited with the journey that lies ahead of me and hope that you’ll come along on this path of mine to become a Stationery Blogger. Here, you’ll find reviews about products I’ve used, any hauls or items I want to talk about and the way I use my stationery in my life (to write, to organise & plan, to create cards etc). I do hope to also create a Lifestyle section one day down the line but even then, having good stationery is a major part of my life!

Here you’ll find out everything about my Stationery, Planners and Crafting! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading my posts!