About me

ReemaHi there!  Welcome to Aumsome, let me introduce myself…

I’m Reema – a stationery addict, planner girl and crafter.  I’m in my 20s, working and living in the UK (or more specifically London).  My full-time job involves me working in the charity sector, in the fundraising team where I specialise in communications & social media.  But if I didn’t work for a charity then I would, most definitely, go into stationery, planning or crafts and so, my blog allows me to focus on those passions of mine.

IMG_20160405_235926What is Aumsome? 

Aumsome is where I share anything and everything related to Stationery, Planning or Crafts.  Reviews, haul posts, tips, how I use things, my favourite items, anything…  I like to share discounts whenever I can and only recommend products that I enjoy using.  I do not get paid to promote anything – and even if I did, I only promote things I like.  Any free items or discounts I get for being a blogger will be mentioned in the posts specifically.

I am doing a series called “let’s get organised” which focuses on other various aspects that I personally would love to be more organised in – and think might be useful to you too.  For example, finance (who here has no idea how much they spent in the last month? Hands up *raises hand and waves*. I mean I could hazard a guess but that’s not quite the same as confidently knowing exactly how much you have, right?) or blogging or social media or travel- the list continues… But the best I can do is suggest you check it out if you’re interested in getting more organised! *Let’s Get Organised starts on 11th June 2016*


I often get asked what “aumsome” means and where it came from…  So I thought I’d take a moment to share that with you…

Where did the name “Aumsome” come from?

For a stationery, planning and crafts related blog (or even for most people) the name “Aumsome” means absolutely nothing, right?  Correct.  However, to me, it means a lot.  Aumsome is an amalgamation of “Aum” with “Awesome”.  Aum (also spelt as Om) is an important sound in Hinduism and is often the symbol associated with the religion too.  Hindus often say the word ‘aum’ in a prayer.  I believe the meaning of aum can vary between different types of Hindus.  For me, however, it is the universal sound of peace and signifies peace, kindness and selfless service.  In particular, I associate it with peace and selfless service (such as doing a good deed – let’s not get into the discussion of whether you can have a truly selfless good deed or not!).  That’s a personal thing, more so than a direct dictionary one.

A friend of mine (many years ago) saw how much volunteering I was doing, how much I loved helping others and quickly coined the term in reference to me.  He was saying that I was “awesome” for doing so much volunteering and then joked, “no, I mean AUM-some”.  Since then, the name stuck.  It reminds me of being selfless, volunteering, spreading the love to others.  It’s a constant reminder of that I should aim to be awesome through kindness, love and care.

In terms of stationery, it doesn’t mean much.  But for me, it means a lot and I wanted to take this moment to share the meaning behind the name of my blog so it might make more sense to anyone wondering where it came from!